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BBC's Luther

Fan works and discussion of BBC's Luther

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Name:Fans of BBC's Luther
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Community description:Community for discussion and fan works of the BBC show Luther.
This is a community for discussion and sharing fan works of the BBC 2010 show Luther. I know there are fans out there beyond just me, so it would be great to see some people here. :D

How things work

* Civility is a given.
* All types of fan works are accepted: fic, vids, icons, picspams, etc. Please be mindful of people's reading lists and put anything large or highly rated behind a cut.
* All varieties of fan work are accept: slash, het, gen, whatever floats your boat, we'd love to see it.
* Please be respectful of people's pairing preferences and non-pairing preferences, but discussion of why you think some pairings would work or don't work will be welcome - but as I said, respectful. :)
* If you need a tag, ask in your post and I'll make it for you.
* Give the appropriate information in your post heading and above the cut information if you are posting a fan work; so title, pairing, rating, any content notes, etc.
* You can either give content notes or use the Archive of Our Own tag of 'choose not to warn.' Please do one or the other so readers can make an educated choice whether to read/view your work.
* Your mod, [personal profile] hammerxsword, can be PM'd at anytime for queries. I'll be as fast as I possibly can, though check my journal to see if I'll be offline for sometime.

Resources - eager for more!

* BBC Web Page for Luther.


[ profile] luther_fic on LJ.

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